My name is Peyman and I was born in 1372! Oh, wait don’t panic, according to the Iranian Solar Calendar, that is. In Gregorian, it is 1993.

I studied industrial engineering in Shiraz University and then by chance learnt from a friend about couchsurfing. I found it amazing that one could be at home, while meeting people from all around the world. For us, Iranians, travelling is not only difficult because of the weak currency (yes, a cup of coffee here costs 100,000 rials), but also because obtaining visas for Europe and beyond is not that easy for Iranian passport holders.

So, I decided to discover more and host people and get to know different cultures and history by welcoming my international guests. Then I decided to take it to a different level and started studying tourism. After graduating I started working as a guide to continue what I love doing the most. With time I have become known in the social media as MrPersepolis and I have slowly built up my little network around Iran.

This travel blog is my new idea on this journey and here I’m going to share my tips for travelling to and across Iran and also write a little bit about my own discoveries and travels.

So, let’s travel.